Motorist Bill of Rights



Choosing an Auto Repair Facility

As the owner of a motor vehicle in need of repair, YOU have the right to choose the shop 
where you wish to have those repairs made. This is the law!

Do I Need More Than One Estimate?

No. Select a repair facility you are comfortable with and have them write your estimate.

Notify Your Insurance Carrier

If the repairs are needed are the result of an accident, prior to authorizing the repairs, notify your insurance agent or carrier. Your insurance carrier may require an adjuster to inspect your vehicle and the damage. This can be accomplished at the insurance claim center or at the repair shop you have chosen. This notification is required by most insurance policies.

Is the Work Guaranteed?

Most shops guarantee their repairs to some degree. Prior to authorizing the repairs, ask to see a copy of the shop’s guarantee, and have any information you do not understand clarified.

Qualified Repair Centers

If collision, glass or airbag repairs are needed, verify your shop of choice is registered with our Board. Check our e-Licensing system at Also, look for certificates of technical training. Memberships in professional associations, such as the Better Business Bureau, can indicate the shop is current with the latest repair techniques and they are serious about maintaining a positive reputation.

Know Your Shop

Make certain the shop you chose has a reliable and professional reputation. Ask for references. Look at the appearance of the facility. Look at the cleanliness, organization, equipment, employees, and their demeanors. Chances are if you are satisfied with your first impressions, you will be satisfied with their work.
Inspect the Repairs

Before driving away from the shop, examine the repairs that you can see. Take a test drive to check the mechanical repairs. Look at the appearance of your vehicle. Have they presented the vehicle to you clean? Make sure everything operates properly. If you are not satisfied with the repairs, mention your concerns immediately.

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